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FLK it over works for agencies of all sizes and shapes. With plans starting from just $88 per month, FLK is a complete agency signing solution that doesn’t have any add-ons or additional charges. Choose your plan based on your leasing activity, and all other features are included.

FLK it over is free to try. No credit card details required.
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A plan for every agency.

Choose your package based on your leasing activity, and all other documents and features are unlimited.



per month
including GST.
Billed monthly.
For individuals and small agencies with an average rent roll of 0-100 managements.

Send up to 5 lease agreements per month.



per month
including GST.
Billed monthly.
For small and boutique-sized agencies with an average rent roll of 100-200 managements.

Send up to 10 lease agreements per month.



per month
including GST.
Billed monthly.
For medium-sized agencies with an average rent roll of 200-400 managements.

Send up to 20 lease agreements per month.



per month
including GST.
Billed monthly.
For large agencies with an average rent roll of over 400 managements.

Send an unlimited number of lease agreements per month.

FLK it over is free to try. No credit card details required.
Every plan
without limits.
FLK it over is proud to offer friendly subscriptions to all customers. All plans include unlimited users, unlimited SMSs and unlimited templates with pricing based on your leasing activity.

Opting for just sales or property management agreements? The starter plan awaits with no limits on how many agreements you can create.

Unlimited agreements

Choose your subscription based on your leasing activity, and enjoy unlimited access to every other agreement. Need extra leases during peak times? Effortlessly upgrade your plan monthly.

Unlimited features

Unlock a range of features beyond agreements. Our powerful digital signing and real estate tools are tailored to streamline the administrative tasks that might otherwise slow you down.

Unlimited templates

Supercharge your agency's efficiency with unlimited templates. Choose from pre-built real estate templates or craft your own for consistency for every agent and client.

Unlimited support

FLK it over is here for you with free onboarding, a library of videos and articles, plus unlimited live chat and phone support to propel your agency forward.

What’s included.
Get 40+ features out of the box with FLK it over’s friendly subscriptions
Unlimited usage

Choose a plan based on your leasing activity, and enjoy complimentary access to all other documents.


Handle more than just agreements with access to every feature for a complete agency signing solution.


Boost efficiency and save time with seamless integrations into top property management platforms.


Your business deserves top-notch assistance – we’re here to keep you moving forward.


Stay in control – fully customisable settings for your agency, team, and package to suit your needs.


Ensure operational integrity by safeguarding data and ensuring legal compliance for your agency.


Stay informed and in control of your agency’s activities with our robust reporting capabilities.


Enjoy friendly subscriptions—no hidden extras. Everything’s included for a transparent, seamless experience.

FLK it over is free to try. No credit card details required.
Make FLK your
group’s signing solution.
Discover why industry giants like The Agency, McGrath, Raine and Horne, RayWhite, and many more franchises choose FLK it over. With agreements spanning five states and tailored real estate functionality, FLK it over has a history of industry partnership, continuously improving day-to-day functionality, and adding exceptional value to your business. Word of mouth within these networks has been our strongest advocate to date. Connect today, and our sales team will reach out promptly.

FLK doesn’t provide any limitations, which is especially useful for time-poor professionals who do everything on their phones.

Richie Ragel, Co-Founder, Milk Chocolate

How is my data secured on FLK it over?

Rest assured, we prioritise your data security. We follow industry best practices, conduct proactive security tests, and never retain personal ID data. Your documents are encrypted for secure storage, and we don't keep user details after generating PDFs.

Do I need to install any software to use FLK it over?

No need for installations! FLK it over is a cloud-based platform, accessible from any browser, giving you the freedom to access it from anywhere you like.

Are there tutorials or training resources available?

Certainly! Our Help Centre is your go-to resource, continuously updated to keep you informed about FLK it over's latest features and changes.

Do I have to commit to using FLK it over for a fixed term?

No long-term commitments here! Our plans are flexible, month to-month subscriptions, giving you the power to make adjustments as your needs evolve.

What are the key features of FLK it over that can benefit users?

FLK it over offers key features such as e-signatures, agreements, document templates, secure storage, and more. These features simplify document management and boost productivity.

Why opt for e-signatures over traditional paper signatures?

E-signatures provide enhanced security, unmatched convenience, sustainability benefits by reducing paper waste, and cost savings. They also ensure correct data entry formats, minimising errors.

How can I get started with FLK it over and begin using its features?

Getting started is a breeze! Sign up for an account, choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and start your free 14 day trial. You'll have access to all features to streamline your document management.

Where is FLK it over available?

FLK it over is available in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory, serving real estate professionals in these regions.

Can users in my agency have different roles and access limits?

Absolutely! Customise roles and permissions for users in your agency and restrict access to specific documents based on their roles, ensuring relevance.

Can multiple parties sign an agreement or document?

Yes, FLK it over fully supports multiple signatories, making collaboration among all relevant parties in real estate transactions a breeze.

Do you offer document templates for common real estate forms and agreements?

We provide a selection of real estate document templates to streamline preparation and signing processes. You also have the option to create custom templates to meet specific needs.

What benefits does FLK it over offer to real estate professionals?

FLK it over brings efficiency, reduced paperwork, and faster deal closures to real estate professionals, simplifying the signing process for clients, agents, managers, and landlords.

Do you provide a trial period for real estate professionals?

We offer a 14-day trial period, allowing real estate professionals to experience the benefits of FLK it over before making a subscription commitment.

Is technical support available for real estate agents using FLK it over?

We take pride in our dedicated technical support. Access live chat, on-demand training videos, and a Knowledge Centre for assistance, all with an average response time of less than two minutes.

Can I integrate FLK it over with my Real Estate Management Software?

Absolutely! We offer integration options for various real estate management software systems, including PropertyMe, PropertyTree, Managed, and 2Apply. If your solution isn't listed, feel free to reach out to us for further discussions.

What is an audit trail in FLK it over?

The audit trail is a valuable feature for tracking and recording your client's progress during the document signing process, providing insights into important timestamps and acknowledgments. It helps ensure transparency and compliance.

How does FLK it over stay compliant with real estate laws?

We continuously update our documents and agreements to meet the latest legal requirements. This ongoing process ensures that you're always using the most up-to-date and legally compliant documents, giving you peace of mind in your real estate transactions.

Build meaningful relationships with landlords and tenants.
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FLK it over is free to try. No credit card details required.