FLK It Over

Streamlined lease &
real estate agreements

Streamlined lease & real estate agreements

Built for property managers by property managers, FLK isn’t an average eSignature tool, with FLK you can create and send a suite of residential real estate documents for signing. Packed with automation features to save you time and integrations with PropertyMe, PropertyTree and Managed App. If you’re ready to cut down the turnaround time it takes to get your lease agreements signed – FLK It Over is for you.


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Reasons to love FLK IT OVER

FLK it over features


Create, send and receive leases at the drop of a hat! Get speedy responses from tenants and forget playing the dreaded lease chasey game.

Dress to impress

The FLK platform reinvented the way documents are reviewed so you can impress your landlords and tenants in a modern way that not only looks great, but feels great to use.

Cross the t’s and
dot the i’s

Use FLK to make sure your tenants review all the important details of their lease agreements before they send it back. You can rest assured knowing it’s smooth sailing from here!

Work anywhere

Whether you’re working from home or fueling up on caffeine at your local, you can still be working with FLK. As a cloud-based system, work anytime, anywhere.

FLK it over features
FLK notifications
FLK it over Iphone

Two clicks, one FLK

Rent increases, renewals, notices to vacate, revised estimate selling price? With just a couple of clicks, FLK will create and send these on your behalf.

Quick SMS renewals

Send speedy texts right to your tenants to find out what their intentions are with the upcoming renewal. With our traffic light system, it’s a simple, fast, and impressive system that cuts out the fluff.

Spend time where it matters

Spending too much time on admin, emails and chasing up? FLK ensures you have more time to get back to what you love – building & nurturing relationships with your clients.

Mobile friendly

With mobile optimisation, you can use FLK right from your phone. FLK It, Sign It, Lease it – all from the palms of your hands.

FLK it over features

Simple setup

Create an account in a couple of minutes and start sending leases right away.

Customer care

Live chat, no problems! With an average response time of fewer than 2 minutes, we’ll make sure you not only have awesome tech but also awesome customer service too.


With the best in industry technology, FLK ensures that not only is all your data secure but we have 100% uptime!

Effortless automation

Sick of all the side tasks that take up your time and headspace? Automate your tasks and communication that need to be done when leasing with FLK.

FLK it over feature

Ease of editing information

We know mistakes happen! If there’s a mistake or error, there’s no need to cancel and start all over again. FLK can handle the flow of information and fix it.

FLK it over feature

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Interactive Demo:

Residential Tenancy Agreement

Get a feel for FLK from the perspective of a tenant. Run through the rental application here to get a sense of how easy FLK is to use.

Click the “Get Started” to run through the software.

Try out our interactive demo below, click 'get started' to begin!

FLK success stories

Agency size
Properties managed
Hours saved / week
“It was so easily integrated and our clients have picked it up straight away. Tenants find it really easy because they can sign leases anywhere, anytime.”
Natalie Heard
PM Training/Technology Manager
Agency size
Properties managed
Hours saved / week

"It streamlines the whole process. Our leases have been tested in tribunals and we've never had anyone dispute a lease."

Erin Marr
Senior Property Manager & Business Manager
Agency size
Properties managed
Hours saved / week

"Once property managers realised we could take a 14- or 15-step lease renewal process down to 1 or 2 steps, they had more capacity to manage more properties."

Anthony Theodore
Head of Property Management


Based on a rent roll of 150—200 properties, we estimate FLK will save a property manager 4—6hrs per week in admin, chasing lease renewals, and lease signing appointments.

FLK IT OVER is available to agencies operating in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, Australia. 

FLK IT OVER offers three tiers of pricing guided by the volume of leases your office is processing per month. Subscriptions start from just $88 pcm.

We come from the industry and we get it, we’re not just about dropping tech on you and giving you no support. We aim to offer a flawless customer portal with Zoom meetings, training videos and live chat with an average response time of under one minute.

We anticipate that it will take only 5 minutes until you are up and running with using FLK.

We believe in it so much that we don’t lock you in. We offer a month-by-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. You control your usage level, meaning you can tone it up or down to match your level of business (wind it up and wind it down).

How does FLK work?

FLK integrates with your property management tools, like PropertyMe, PropertyTree and Managed App, making it an easy addition to your agency. It even works with Google home, so tenants can check when rent is due or access emergency contacts, like plumbers!

I’m ready to find out how FLK can make my job easier,
book me in for a demo!

I’m ready to find out how FLK can make my job easier, book me in for a demo!