FLK it over Business

E-Sign faster and smarter with a streamlined Australian e-signature solution built on customer experience.

Australian owned and based company

Simple e-Sign anywhere, anytime

Fast SMS communication

Try free for 30 days or first 10 documents free

Unlimited access to all features across all plans

FLK it over Real Estate

The Next-Generation Property Management Experience. Create, send, and sign documents that dazzle.


  • PM Agreements
  • Sales Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • + 10 more
  • SMS automation
  • Templates
  • Edit requests
  • + 3 more
  • Key tracking
  • Build documents
  • Build PDFs

FLK it over Business

E-Sign faster and smarter with a streamlined Australian e-signature solution built on customer experience.


Australian Owned & Based Company
Simple E-Sign Anywhere, Anytime
Fast SMS Communication
Try Free For 30 Days or First 10 Documents Free
Unlimited Access to All Features Across All Plans
  • Small Business
  • Accounting

FLK it over for Real Estate

Lorum Ipsum

Build, send and receive agreements, fast!

Automate communication with tenants.

Templates for lots of Real Estate documents and processes

FLK it over for Accounting

Bringing together all your accounting documentation

Seamless simplicity

Super simple software that works anywhere, at anytime, freeing your business from administrative tasks. What used to take days is now reduced to minutes, allowing you to truly live out and enjoy your great work-life moments.

Dazzle on the move

With FLK it over, your clients, employees, or partners can send and sign documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Flexibility to create any document

FLK it over can help facilitate documentation for all accountant’s administrative needs. No more waiting for clients to print PDFs, sign them, and then fax or send them back, you are unlimited in your document potential.

FLK it over for Small Business

Focus on growth by liberating the admin drag

E-Signature Solution For All Industries

FLK it over changed how documents are handled in the real estate industry for 1000s of satisfied clients. We’ve opened up our smart, simple tech for anyone who needs to create, send and sign documents in any industry or business.

Driven By SMS For Lightning Fast Results

FLK it over is an SMS-powered platform that takes speed to the next level. We’re an Australian document-signing tool that works faster than email to drive momentum in your business.

Flexible Subscriptions That Start With a Free Plan

Get started for free with FLK it over and enjoy access to unlimited users and all of our intelligent functionality. With a pricing structure to suit all businesses and no lock-in contracts, FLK it over delivers e-signing that works for everyone.

Brilliance begins on the dotted line, FLK through our interactive demo

Try our interactive demo previewing the best of FLK it over’s e-signature and document management capabilities at a glance!

Experience the thrill of super simple software as a solution that works anywhere and anytime, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth communication in favour of a process that takes minutes instead of days, eliminating the admin-drag.

Real Estate

Small Business


Let FLK it over back your brilliance,
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We understand that a signature on a dotted line marks a pivotal step in the work of doers, dazzlers, and dreamers across any industry.

That’s why we want to make the signing moment as seamless as possible, enabling you to celebrate the moments that matter.

FLK it over FAQs

Based on a client base of 200 and 5 documents sent each year, we estimate that you will save 4-6 hours of administrative time per week.

FLK it over is available to all businesses operating across Australia-wide

FLK it over has a multi-tiered price structure based on the number of documents your business processes every month. A free community subscription plan of 3 documents pcm is available, while paid subscription plans begin at $30 pcm.

FLK it over delivers flexible, Australian-based customer service and support via email and our ever-expanding Help Center.

Based on our client base and research, we estimate setting up your FLK it over account will take no more than 2 minutes!

We are so confident FLK it over will liberate your admin-drag that we provide no lock-in contracts. We provide month-to-month subscription plans with a cancel-anytime policy, providing you complete control over your usage level, and allowing you to adjust it to meet your ever-changing business needs.

I’m ready to be my brilliant best!

I’m ready to be my brilliant best