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Comparing the best e-Signature software: find your perfect match without stacks of paperwork.

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Unlock the potential of e-Signatures
Electronic signatures have no doubt transformed the way businesses and individuals handle documents. In this guide, we’ll compare top e-Signature software options to help you find the perfect document signing tool for your business.
Why are e-Signatures important?
Electronic signatures offer a wide range of benefits to both businesses and individuals, including:

Faster document processing:

The business world moves at an extraordinary speed, and you need solutions that can keep up. e-Signatures are a game-changer in this respect. They streamline your document processing workflow, enabling documents to be signed and dispatched in record time. No more waiting for postal delivery or sifting through stacks of paperwork; with e-Signatures, you can get more done, faster.


Running a business means keeping an eye on every penny. By eliminating the need for printing, shipping, and storage of paper documents, e-Signatures help to cut costs significantly. It’s not just a step towards digitalisation—it’s a smart financial move that benefits both your business’s bottom line and the environment.

The convenience of remote signing:

The modern workplace isn’t confined to an office. With remote work becoming the norm, e-Signatures offer the flexibility you need. Whether you are at home, on the go, or halfway across the world, you can send documents at your convenience. This unprecedented freedom allows you to close deals, approve projects, or sign off reports without missing a beat.

Reliable and secure:

It’s not just about convenience; it’s about trust. e-Signatures are legally binding and carry the same weight as traditional signatures, offering you peace of mind. Wherever in the world you’re doing business, you can trust that your e-signed documents are valid and enforceable. This assurance provides a secure foundation for your business growth and expansion in the global market.

Importance of choosing the right e-Signature solution
When looking for the best e-Signature solution for your business needs, ask the following questions.
Is it safe and secure?
Keep your business protected and customer data secure by looking at software encryption and authentication methods and whether a platform complies with relevant industry regulations.
Is it easy to use?
Consider whether a platform is intuitive and easy to use on both desktop and mobile and ascertain if it provides a seamless experience for staff and clients.
Is it easy to integrate?
Look for a solution that can be easily integrated with your existing systems and software, such as CRM, ERP, and document management platforms.
Is it within budget?
Find a solution that fits your budget by comparing pricing models and inclusions and consider which platforms offer free trials.
What support is available?
Consider whether support teams are local or international. Does the solution offer training videos, live chat and a responsive customer support team to help when needed?
Selecting the right e-Signature platform is essential to help ensure an efficient and streamlined workflow. In this e-Signature software comparison, we will examine the features, pricing, and usability of leading platforms, helping you determine the best e-Signature software for your unique needs.
FLK it over – Top contender in e-Signature solutions for businesses large and small for businesses large and small; Key features:

User-friendly interface:

FLK it over’s intuitive design makes it one of the best e-Signature software options for users seeking a seamless experience. No complex navigation or extensive training is needed – just sign and go!

Flexible subscription plans:

FLK it over offers a range of subscription options to suit every budget, making it one of the best document signing software for businesses of all sizes. Our plans scale with your usage, not your team size or feature availability making it one of the most flexible and cost-effective e-Signature solutions. All plans include unlimited templates, team members and much, much more.

Mobile accessibility:

As a leading e-Signature platform, FLK it over allows your customers to sign documents anytime, anywhere, right from their mobile phones. With our SMS communication and sign on glass technology, you can capture customer’s real signatures, not just a digital version of their name.

Local Australian customer support:

As an Australian-owned and operated company, FLK it over prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service alongside cutting-edge technology. Benefit from personalised, local support to help you make the most of your e-Signature solution.

Comparison of online signature software solutions - FLK it over vs. DocuSign
Docusign: Key Features

DocuSign pricing

Personal plan
For AU$14 per month or AU$168 annually, this plan offers 5 document sends per month, integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive, a real-time audit trail, and a top-rated mobile app.
Standard plan
At AU$34 per user per month (AU$408 annually), this offers unlimited document sends, shared documents, and customised branding, in addition to all Personal Plan features.
Business Pro plan
For AU$55 per user per month (AU$660 annually), this includes advanced features like signer attachments, SMS authentication, PowerForms, and payment collection, on top of all Standard Plan features.
Comparison of online signature software solutions - FLK it over vs. Adobe
Adobe Sign: Key Features

Adobe Sign pricing

Acrobat Standard plan
Adobe offers various pricing plans for its e-Signature solution, catering to different business needs. The Acrobat Standard for teams plan is available at AU$22.62 per month per licence.
Acrobat Pro plan
For a more comprehensive solution, the Acrobat Pro for teams plan costs AU$36.20 per month per license, including advanced features like custom branding, payment collection, and bulk sending.
Acrobat Sign Solutions
For businesses seeking scalable solutions with integrations and advanced authentication, Adobe provides the Acrobat Sign Solutions plan, requiring a call to their support for pricing details. This plan offers built-in integrations, API access, and industry-specific compliance requirements.
Comparison of online software solutions
Dropbox Sign (HelloSign): Key Features

Dropbox Sign (HelloSign) pricing

Designed for individual users, this plan costs AU$22.63 per month, billed annually at AU$271.61.
Dropbox + eSign
A combined plan available at AU$37.71 per month.
Aimed at small teams, this plan costs AU$37.72 per user per month.
Tailored for large teams, this plan provides a custom quote, with pricing starting at AU$905.38.
Comparison of online signature software solutions - FLK it over
PandaDoc: Key Features

PandaDoc pricing

Free plan
Unlimited document uploads, legally binding e-Signatures, and payment collection through mobile app access.
Essentials plan
AU$37.72/month with a monthly plan. Includes access to PandaDoc’s proposal templates, drag-and-drop editor functions, document analytics, and pricing tables.
Business plan
AU$73.83/month for a monthly plan. Provides all Essentials features plus CRM integrations, a content library, custom branding, Zapier integrations, and bulk sending of proposals.
Enterprise plan
Custom pricing. Includes custom user roles, SSO support, unlimited team workspaces, and API access.
FLK it over Business DocuSign Adobe Sign Dropbox Sign Panda Doc
Starting price AU$0/month AU$14/month AU$18.69/month AU$18.69 AU$0/month
Send documents for e-Signature check check check check check
Send multi-docs as individual PDFs x x x x x
Mobile-responsive signing check check check check check
Unlimited Templates check check check Premium plan check
Unlimited users check x x x x
SMS delivery check Add-on check Add-on check
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