Multi-Doc: Solving The Need for Multiple Document Management Efficiency

Forget the days of cumbersome email trails and overlooked threads of unfinished documents. Multi Doc is the fastest way to send multiple documents at once throughout your business no matter the industry.

FLK it over e-signature software offers a convenient and secure way to digitally sign documents.

Whether a company is a small start-up or a giant enterprise, document management is a crucial component of doing business. It may be challenging to keep track of everything, particularly when it comes to signatures, with an increasing amount of agreements, contracts, and other legal papers to monitor. The tedious task calls for organisation, careful attention to detail, and a mechanism for tracking and following up with each touch point. If not done effectively, individual documents grow closer to their deadline or delayed with induced procrastination. This is because their manual procedures are less efficient and more prone to mistakes.

The answer? A document e-signing management solution like FLK is over, with its most recent Multi Doc functionality, which attaches multiple documents into one sendable link for signing through email or SMS. Forget the days of cumbersome email trails and overlooked threads of unfinished documents. Multi Doc is the fastest way to send multiple documents at once throughout your business no matter the industry.

The Benefits of Multi Doc

A system that ties multiple documents to one link for review, send and sign, such as Multi Doc, provides several benefits. Multi Doc forces clients to systematically review and sign all the necessary documents in one place, a single link for review, stopping the issue of missing a document or forgetting to sign it. In fact, 319.6 billion emails were sent and received daily around the world in 2021and how many of those were left unread or missed? The average email open rate across all industries is 19.8%, meaning the harsh reality is if your business is sending multiple emails and staggered communications across to customers – they could be missed.  By reducing the number of communications needed to deliver important documents to clients it stops any documents being left behind with Multi Doc. This not only increases visibility but also eliminates the frustration of customers having to search for a specific document or having to sign multiple documents one by one in a lengthy, manual email trail.

Secondly, by having all the necessary documents collated for easy sending and signing at once, it becomes much easier for customers to compare and review the details of each document. According to a Deloitte survey, 90% of customers agree to legal terms and conditions before examining them, despite the fact that only 30% of customers trust the organisations with whom they do business. This no doubt creates a fragile relationship between business and customers, but, Multi Doc has the solution. With the smart and simple tech tool, customers have consolidated access to view each document in detail, comprehend key information or conditions, and sign all the documents with utmost clarity. This not only streamlines the document review process but also helps clients make better-informed decisions about the agreements they are signing. As a result, each customer has the benefit of transparency, creating a better relationship with each interaction. 

Finally, having all the necessary documents in one place with Multi Doc also makes it easier for your business to keep track of the status of each document. They can quickly see which documents have been signed and which ones are still pending, making it easier to follow up with clients if necessary. According to a new survey in 2022, more than 40% of working hours are spent on non-productive tasks, and a further 40% of productivity is lost when multitasking. Therefore, through one streamlined process for creating and tracking multiple PDFs for review, and minimising the juggling of paperwork, Multi Doc can help regain some of that productivity.

Example of Multi Doc in Action

Let’s take a real-life example to see how the Multi Doc feature can help businesses and their management of documentation. When a service provider or a vendor enters into a new agreement with a customer, there are often multiple documents that need to be signed, such as a master services agreement, a statement of work, and other supporting documents. By using Multi Doc to integrate all the necessary documents into a singular signing experience, the service provider can streamline the signature process and make it easier for the customers to sign and review all the necessary documents at once.

Or in the real estate industry, an agent is in the process of selling a property, and the buyer and seller need to sign several legal documents. In the traditional manual process, the real estate company would have to print and send each document individually to the buyer and seller, who would then have to sign and return each document. This process could take several days or even weeks.

With a document management system that attaches multiple documents into one link, the real estate company can send all the necessary documents to the buyer and seller in one link. The buyer and seller can then systematically review and sign all the documents in one place,  eliminating the likelihood of missing a document or forgetting to sign it. 

This can help to save time and reduce the risk of errors or missing signatures, while also providing a more convenient signing experience for the client. Additionally, by affixing multiple documents into one signing link, both parties can ensure that the terms of the agreement are clearly understood and documented, which can help to prevent misunderstandings and disputes down the line.

The Verdict: Use Multi Doc for your Document Management Efficiency

In conclusion, using the Multi Doc solution by FLK it over to attach a series of documents into one signing experience can significantly improve your document e-signature management efficiency. It can save time, improve organisation, and reduce the risk of errors when sending documents for signing. Therefore, if you are looking to streamline your document management process, adding several PDFs into one signing link using a Multi Doc solution is the way to go with a 14 day free trial to all FLK it over functionality.

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